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This is an edited transcript of Amanda and Michael J. Anderson's July 2005 chat in the Carny Con chat rooms, and the text is  Carny Con.  This transcript was originally compiled by Allison and posted to the Save Carnivale webiste, but for our purposes Amanda's answers have been reorganized and categorized.  You can view the transcript of the entire chat at Save Carnivale.

On Carnivle

SmutCutter: So no word on Carnivale coming back I guess - do you see Dora Mae coming back in a spirit form if the show did return?

AmandaAday: Dan and I discussed it briefly but really it's up to him, I would love to more than anything though


purplpepl_eater: what is up with the peeling skin scene...I wonder every time I see it?

AmandaAday: Much like snakes and other reptiles Gecko sheds, so I help groom him when he does


dlhalper: Were you surprised by the loyal and passionate response you've gotten from Carnivale fans?

AmandaAday: I have been suprised by the response I've gotten from the show. But I knew going into it that the show would be something amazing.


dlhalper: Amanda, do you and any of the other cast members keep in touch?

AmandaAday: I haven't kept in touch with anyone sadly, we've all been very busy I think


KateBCG: Amanda, was it hard for you going into a project with such an ensemble cast knowing you would only be around for five eps? It was such a shock to us, the audience...

AmandaAday: Not at all. I definitely cried when it was time to leave, but I was so honored to be a part of the whole thing.


purplpepl_eater: I noticed that harlot was no longer on your forehead.

AmandaAday: No in death you revert to your normal self.


blondeambition: I am assuming that wasnt really YOU hanging from the tree when Jonesy found Dora Mae?

AmandaAday: Oh yes it was, I was in a harness on a crane

AmandaAday: it was soo much fun


Diane: Were you also lowered into the ground, Amanda?

AmandaAday: That was a dummy body in the grave.


Bensgirl_Jenn<---: Amanda, You looked absolutely beautiful in Babylon, Did you feel pressured to be as "thin" as say Carla Gallo?

AmandaAday: Never Carla is gorgeous and I have no desire to be thinner. I am trying to break down the walls for plus size actresses.


zeeny: Question, Michael J and/or Amanda. What explanation did you get from writers/screenplay directors on the window scene in the Babylon episode?(I'm not asking what it means, but what did they
tell you, if you remember and if they indeed said anything)

AmandaAday: Um about the window scene... that was showing that I had crossed over and been trapped in Bab as well.


Aprilsong: Ms. Aday-- Cynthia has told us she was nervous about doing the nudity--How did you feel about it?

AmandaAday: About the nudity... I was definetly nervous. But I understood it as a necessity for the context of the show. So I took a shot of whiskey and tore the robe right off!

AmandaAday: That was one of my favorite scenes too. Not too hard to flirt with Nick and such a great piece of writing.


blondeambition: it was great Amanda! EVEn tho Nick didnt say a WORD! He didnt have to! lol

AmandaAday: A little secret about that scene... I was overheard saying that about my boob in costuming and Dawn asked if she could write it the script somewhere and that scene was born.


me: Amanda who killed you? Was it Ben?

AmandaAday: Stangler killed me so that the miners would have someone to "Dance" with.


Bensgirl_Jenn<---: Amanda did you always know that your character was only going to be in a few episodes and if so did it make it any harder for you knowing when your time was up?

AmandaAday: Yes I always knew. At first they wouldn't tell me why though.


Bensgirl_Jenn<---: Amanda , What was it like auditioning for Dora Mae?

AmandaAday: It was fun. John, who cast the show, is an acquaintance so we just chatted away.


voodoochild: Amanda, did you get a "bible" for Dora Mae like Michael got for Samson?

AmandaAday: nope I was left in the dark


Michelle: so, michael and amanda...any moments that strike you as your favourite?

AmandaAday: There was a scene that was cut between Gecko and I that predicted my demise, but I'd have to say the scene at the bar between Strangler and I we had some very fun chemistry


rosetintedworld: were there alot of scenes cut out of the show?

AmandaAday: Not too many no


Diane: Amanda, saw the Dora Mae corpse photos. How long for that in make-up?

AmandaAday: the Harlot make-up was fast, but the corpse is a Dummy


kya: Amanda, was that you being carried out to the grave?

AmandaAday: no that's the dummy


Nayzo: wow, that was an extremely convincing dummy

AmandaAday: yes it is called a life cast. It is a mold that is made from my face, arms and hands. The rest is carved foam

AmandaAday: they poor liquid rubber on you with two staws stickin' out your nose to breathe

AmandaAday: yowwza!

AmandaAday: I enjoyed it but I'm kinda crazy


rosetintedworld: Hi Amanda, Dora Mae was Libby's younger sister I  was wonder how old she was supposed to be, was she underage by  today's standards?

AmandaAday: Yes, if memory serves correctly Dora was 15 or 16


marsha: Yes.. How old was Dora Mae when she began her "career"?

AmandaAday: 13


ialac: there weren't "underage" laws back in the thirties

AmandaAday: nope


PonyLoverGT: Amanda and Michael--did you do any research for your roles on Carnivale?

AmandaAday: I read alot about the era, cooch girls, the ecomnomy etc.


AnrkeyGrrrl: I would like to know how bad was the dust on the set?

AmandaAday: Very dusty and windy

AmandaAday: Cooold at night.. the scene where Toby and I were on the  bally, just the two of us. that night was freezing


lulafortune: Amanda...did you know Dora Mae's fate ahead of time?

AmandaAday: sort of I knew I would only be doing 5 or 6 eps and around ep 4 they told me why

On Herself

Aprilsong: Ms. Aday, Any type of character you really yearn to play?

AmandaAday: I yearn to play Mary Queen of Scotts. Or any classical character, Shakespeare is my passion. 


Aprilsong: Ms. Aday-are you concentrating on acting or do you sing also?

AmandaAday: No singing for me, I leave that to my sis. Just acting for now, and I am trying to break into plus size modeling.


Michelle: amanda, how did your father feel about you being in show business?

AmandaAday: He has encouraged me all the way.

AmandaAday: He is a wonderful father and a great inspiration. He is  also quite humble and often comes to me for advice as well.


Aprilsong: Ms. Aday and Mr. Anderson, what do you like to watch on tv or in the movies?

AmandaAday: I love adult swim, entourage, I'm a huge B horror fan, and dark comedies like snatch

AmandaAday: But I'm a big reader mostly


nicole: who are your favorite authors Ms aday?

AmandaAday: I am obssed woth Palahniuk ("Fight Club") and Clive Barker's Abarat series


Aprilsong: Sorry-- but i have to ask if you have read Harry Potter series ms. aday?

AmandaAday: No Harry Potter yet but I plan to


Aprilsong: Anyone either of you would like to work with and haven't?

AmandaAday: too many people to name, one that jumps out is Chris Walken


blondeambition: tell us about a day in the life of Amanda/Michael!

AmandaAday: lately I've been spending my days reading and attempting to write


voodoochild: My sympathies, Amanda, on the writing. Writers' block is the worst thing ever.

AmandaAday: yeah it's actually my first try so it's more like writers uuhhhh


Depressnyak: What kind of stuff do you like to write about Amanda if you dont mind my asking?

AmandaAday: I actually am trying to write a script about a female serial killer


voodoochild: Research sucks. Have you been working on it long, Amanda?

AmandaAday: about 6 months, it’s  fiction but loosely based on some infamous women like lizzie borden


Depressnyak: Did you start as a dancer Amanda? Or directly into acting?

AmandaAday: Both, lots of theatre camp and school my whole life


Mrs.CantSpellDanzinger: Where did u go to theatre camp?

AmandaAday: Stagedoor Manor


Depressnyak: Hey Amanda what kind of music do you like?

AmandaAday: I listen to everything, I love Metal these days I just  went to the sounds of the underground tour on fri

AmandaAday: Clutch is my favorite band right now

AmandaAday: and Dead Kennedy's cause my Bf is sitting in for their  drummer this summer


LadyRavven: Amanda: what do you like to read in your spare time?

AmandaAday: Dan Brown, Palahniuk, David Sadaris, I often find myself re-reading The Prophet by Gibran over and over


voodoochild: Amanda, have you read Angels and Demons? I think it's Dan Brown's best.

AmandaAday: yeah I have and I agree although I am very intrigued by the next book he has coming out

AmandaAday: I used to read constenda until I read Sorcer's Apprentice by Amy Irving.. very disturbing

AmandaAday: Oh brown's new book is about the illuminati, the free masons and our government. There are codes on the cover of Da Vinci Code that talk about it


Depressnyak: What about you Amanda any sports you like?

AmandaAday: Um I used to play a lot of softball, and I love kick boxing... only training no sparing


Depressnyak: Amanda was you auditioning for Dora Mae a long process? and how long did you wait to find out you got the part?

AmandaAday: Nope I found out the next day when I was also cast for an indie movie

AmandaAday: In fact I was almost fired from Carny because there was a schedule miscommunication between my management and production


Depressnyak: An indie Movie? do tell

AmandaAday: A movie called "the Mummy an' the Armadillo"


Cypher_Adam: how about system of a down?

AmandaAday: eh

AmandaAday: I like brujeria, canderia, anthrax, damageplan, Pantera
are the Gods of Metal!!

AmandaAday: it's all good I didn't listen to core until like 3 years

AmandaAday: before that I was all about Ani DiFranco and Billy
Holiday...still am